The Haagse Markt was chosen as the winner of the Best Market in the Netherlands contest in the category of ‘big markets’. The municipality and the businesses have worked together to improve the market over the last few years.


Last year the Haagse Markt won 2nd prize together with Enschede. The market traders and the municipality used the jury’s tips to improve the market. As a result the jury this year unanimously selected the Haagse Markt as the best large market in the Netherlands. The jury said it was a beautiful outdoor market with a large variety of products. The market scored high on the following points:


  • The street pavement of the Haagse Markt is good, which makes it accessible to people in a wheelchair or mobility scooter.
  • The Haagse Markt has a big enough loading zone for the market traders.
  • There is enough space to park trucks.
  • There is sufficient parking space for visitors.
  • The market can accommodate a large number of visitors thanks to wide aisles and entrances.

Appearance and products

  • The fixed sales points where the stalls are standing look attractive.
  • The market stalls are set up in an orderly and organised way.
  • Visitors can wander around endlessly looking for bargains.
  • The market offers a large number of products from different cultures.
  • The market is interesting to neighbourhood residents as well as out-of-town visitors.

Cooperation with market traders

The municipality and the market traders worked together over the past few years to improve the market. The market has now been completely renovated, all of the market stalls have been renewed and wide walking paths were created.


The Best Market in the Netherlands contest is an initiative of the Centrale Vereniging voor de Ambulante Handel and was held for the 26th time. The goal of this annual contest is to call attention to the professionalisation and the importance of outdoor markets.