As you probably know, the Dutch government is planning to cut the 30% ruling for international workers from eight years to five years, with immediate affect on January 1, 2019.

As the plans stand at the moment, there will be no transition period for people who will have benefited from the tax break for five years, meaning thousands of people will suddenly see their take home pay cut by thousands of euros a year.

The government has taken the decision – which will be formally presented on Prinjsesdag in September – on the basis of a report by research group Dialogic, which found most people do not claim the benefit for more than five years.

That report was largely based on advice from experts and employers, but did not assess what a sudden cut-off date would mean to people who currently benefit from the ruling.

ICAP, the International Community Advisory Panel, is carrying out a survey on the impact of the government’s plans on the international community.

If you are currently claim the 30% ruling, you can make your voice heard by completing the online survey, which is completely confidential.

The results will be presented to tax minister Menno Snel and MPs on parliament’s finance committee, who are meeting to discuss the plan on May 31.