The research company, Decisio is conducting research for the Ministry of Education (and also for the  Municipality of The Hague) on barriers for internationals in the international and especially regular schools.

The availability of good quality education is important for attracting internationals to the Netherlands. Education is an important component of the economic investment climate for business and international organisations. The Dutch economy is becoming more international. More and more internationals are coming to the Netherlands to work and live. Their children will have to go to school. This can be an international school or regular Dutch school. The capacity of international schools is under pressure in many regions. Internationals experience bottlenecks to send their children to regular Dutch education instead of international schools.



What is your experience with schools in the Netherlands?

Are your children going to school in the Netherlands? Or are you looking for a school? Please help the Dutch Ministry of Education by filling in this survey about your experiences and the possible barriers you faced when searching, selecting and signing up for a school. The research aims to get a better insight in the school preferences of expat families, problems during selecting and signing up for a (Dutch/international) school and possible solutions to overcome these barriers.


Your opinions can make a valuable contribution to the lives of other expatriates in the Netherlands as well as future Dutch education policy. The survey will take about 10 minutes of your time. Your answers will be treated strictly confidential and the research results will not be traceable to individuals.


Please click on this link to go to the survey.


The research is conducted by Decisio, in cooperation with The Hague International Centre, B&T and New2NL. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.