There is a lot to do in the city the coming weeks: the Race Village of the Volvo Ocean Race, Parkpop, Shopping Night and Dutch Veterans Day. The roads will be busier than usual. You are advised to travel by bike or take public transportation.

The most up-to-date information on public transport can be found at

Bike parking

The various events can easily be reached by bicycle. Look where you can park your bike safely and for free. It is extra important that emergency service vehicles are able to drive through the street during events. Park your bike in designated areas.


Due to the expected crowds, the municipality and event organisers are advising visitors to reach the event on bike or by public transportation. Have you decided to drive? Leave yourself plenty of time and follow the instructions on the signs above and along the road. Or park your car at the city limits in one of the P+R facilities. Remember that it will not be possible to park on the street in Scheveningen due to the events.

More travel information can also be found on the website of the events: