UPDATE: The strike has been postponed until Wednesday 27 June. 

Regional transport will cease for an indefinite period due to a strike, announced by the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation (FNV) on Tuesday. As a result, there will be limited bus services running throughout the Netherlands.

In recent weeks, labour agreements have been under intense scrutiny with workers demanding a reduction in workload and fair wage increase. According to the FNV, drivers do not want to concede following strikes earlier this year in April and May, instead choosing to take action again until an agreement is reached.

According to FNV negotiator Paula Verhoef, ‘The employers themselves are the root cause of further strike action as a result of their inability to come to an agreement with the union’

. The FNV is trying this week to come to a solution with employers and make concrete agreements about work pressure and wages.

Previous strikes

At the beginning of May, thousands of striking bus drivers gathered at the Malieveld in The Hague during a 48-hour strike. As employers did not respond at the time, strike action quickly spread across the country.

From Monday, bus drivers from Arriva and Connexxion will not be operating. HTM trams and buses will run as usual, as HTM employees are covered by a different labor agreement.

Source: www.omroepwest.nl

Photo: Spoorjan