Developers at Lucky Kat Studios in The Hague were surprised last week when Apple boss Tim Cook suddenly turned up at the door. Cook had been in town for a large media exhibition, taking some free time to visit the Zhou brothers place of work and offer some advice on their upcoming releases.

“It was a huge surprise but also a great honour”, said Herdjie Zhou, who founded the app developer studio with his brother Hernan “It is very cool to be able to talk about our work and our passion with one of the biggest people in the field of technology. We also discussed the future of our company and how we can work closely with Apple. We would love to develop games for Apple TV. ”

For years, the Zhou brothers dreamed of starting a game studio together, but an almost fatal accident was the catalyst they needed to get it off the ground. “I got a cardiac arrest while running”, says Herdjie. “I miraculously woke up. When I realised how short life can be, we decided to make our dream come true.”

The Zhou brothers gave an interview on Den Haag FM, it can be found HERE (in Dutch)

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