Europe’s largest city farm Urban Farmers on the Televisiestraat is bankrupt. The court pronounced bankruptcy on Tuesday. Seemingly, the competition from farms and greenhouses in Westland was too much for the independent farm.

The AD Haagsche Courant recently reported that the greenhouse rooftop in the centre of The Hague is out of stock in 31 of its 35 vegetable crops and there is no forecast for renewed stocks. Now it appears that the venture can no longer be saved.

Fish and vegetables have been grown, cultivated and sold since May 2016, with an annual production of 50,000 kilos of vegetables and 20,000 kilos of fish.

Urban Farmers have been unavailable for comment.

Please note, this means UrbanFarmers events listed by TheHagueOnline have been removed. We will continue to update event listings if there are any changes.