As of 1 July new national rules took effect for gas connections for newly built homes and other small buildings. Read what these new rules are and what you can do if you have decided to have a gas connection.


The new rules concern applications for the All-in-one building permit (omgevingsvergunning) submitted after 1 July 2018. Due to the amendment to the Dutch Gas Act builders in The Hague are no longer allowed to make a gas connection in new houses and other small buildings.

New home with gas connection

Have you decided to have a gas connection but you have not yet submitted your permit application for the new house to the municipality? Then you have to change your building plan under the new rules. The gas connection must be replaced by another method of generating heat and hot water. You will need to pay for these changes yourself. Discuss this with your architect, energy advisor and/or building company as quickly as possible to see what they suggest. Many building companies have already found solutions for this. You can then apply for your permit.

Gas connection ordered at Stedin

Did you already order a gas connection at Stedin for you newly built home? Then you can make use of Stedin’s amnesty scheme (‘inkeerregeling’). This scheme allow you to stop your current contact in consultation with Stedin.

For more information about the amnesty scheme, contact the Energietransitiedesk van Stedin, by sending an email to or phoning tel. (010) 890 96 91.

Questions about the All-in-one building permit

Do you have questions about your outstanding permit application or the building plan for which you will soon submit an application? Then you can contact the municipality 

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