On June 30th 2018, The Netherlands released official guidance about coping with extreme weather, from hydration matters to care of the elderly. Residents are all reminded that the sun can cause damage and illness if sufficient measures are not taken to protect yourself and those around you.

With stunning and uncharacteristic weather, it is tempting to enjoy the heat every day, but exposure to extreme heat in large doses can cause heatstroke, third degree burns and prolonged illness. The municipalities are available to offer more advice and information for anyone struggling with ventilation or self-care.

Residents are also reminded to be mindful of their water consumption as there has been little to no rain across the country for some time.

The Red Cross are on hand to offer advice via their volunteer-run social media accounts for anyone who has non-urgent questions. Anyone experiencing symptoms of heatstroke, extreme sunburn or dehydration should contact a health care provider immediately.

More information can be found HERE