Feminist movement De Bovengrondse has renamed several street names in the Netherlands including The Hague into female street names.  In The Hague,  a section of the  Spui near the stadhuis has been renamed Beyoncé Boulevard.

Research has shown Dutch streets with a human name are 88% male and only 12% female. “Street names are so common place that you never stop to think about them, no matter how often you see, read or hear them announced in a tram. Yet they give a constant reminder of people considered important in Dutchbsociety. With this action we want to stimulate people to think critically about the list  of names. Who are in it, who is not? And why are these names 88% male? “, states De Bovengrondse on their website.

The feminists have chosen twelve women –  to represent the 12% of female street names that currently exist –  deserving of a nameplate in the eleven cities. These include Suze Groeneweg, the first female member of Parliament, Ruth Naomi Leon, South African feminist and civil rights activist and Beyoncé.


Source: www.DenHaagFM.nl