The intersection between the Kneuterdijk and Heulstraat will get a new design and 12 linden trees will be planted in front of the Raad van State building. The asphalt will be replaced with paving stones. This will give this part of the city a more historic character which fits with the Lange Voorhout and the newly redesigned Noordeinde. The Kneuterdijk will become a 30 kilometres per hour zone.


The current intersection between the Kneuterdijk and Heulstraat is primarily asphalt with little green. The character of the Lange Voorhout stops abruptly at the intersection between the Parkstraat and Kneuterdijk. By replacing the asphalt with paving stones, it will have a better fit with Noordeinde, the Heulstraat and the Lange Voorhout.

This part of the downtown area will become a pedestrian area. The street paving and the speed limit will be adjusted so that it is the same as pedestrian areas in the rest of the downtown area.


The design will be elaborated upon further. Work is expected to start in 2019 and should be ready in mid-2020.

Kern Bijzonder

This intersection is part of the Kern Bijzonder. The Kern Bijzonder is a municipal plan for the route from the Spui to the Kneuterdijk. This route currently is still primarily a big barrier between the various characteristic areas such as the Lange Vijverberg and Noordeinde. The major goal of De Kern Bijzonder is to create a better connection between these characteristic areas.