Today, the Heart Foundation, the Dutch Cancer Society and the Long Fund are taking a new step towards a Smoke-free Generation. Through the new no smoking website, everyone can see at the push of a button which sports fields, play areas and schoolyards in their neighborhood are smoke-free. With this online community, all those involved will soon be able to see where in the region there is a need to protect children against the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. And that way everyone can help prevent children from starting smoking.

Smoke-free places for children
More than 8 out of 10 Dutch people want places where children play sports, play and go to school to become smoke-free, according to recent research. Yet in every region there are still hundreds of such places where smoking is common, even when children are present. With regard to smoking, initiators of the Hartstichting, KWF Kankerbestrijding and the Longfonds show that making a place where children play safer is very simple.

Everyone can do something
Floris Italianer, chairman of the Netherlands Smoke-Free Alliance said: “With everyone can highlight the sports club in the neighborhood, playground on the corner or the school grounds where smoking is an issue. We are giving everyone the opportunity to take action themselves and raise the smoke-free generation. ”

By indicating on that a sports field, playground or school should be smoke-free, someone gives a clear signal. The more people sign, the easier it becomes to convince drivers of introducing a smoke-free policy. For example, everyone can contribute to the smoking of places in the neighborhood and the whole of the Netherlands, together with the more than 125 parties united in the Netherlands Alliance Non-Smoke Free, is on its way to a Smoke Generation.