The municipality will start a maintenance project for a number of paths in Westduinpark in the week of 12 November. The paths are located in the area called ‘De Plak’ between the Fuutpad and the Duivelandsestraat / beach access points 9 and 10.

The municipality received reports from area residents that the paths were not easily accessible. The paving is no longer good in a number of spots and the paths are difficult to walk on. The municipality will now carry out work based on the wishes expressed by the area residents. The paths will be paved with shells. The steep parts will get a shell pavement similar to what can be found on the Fuutpad. The paths will be ready at the end of February 2019.

Sandy paths

Area residents also indicated that they would like to see a number of the sandy paths paved with shells. Unfortunately this is eaiser said than done. Westduinpark is officially a European nature protection area (‘Natura 2000’). In such areas the number of (paved) paths are kept in check. Turning sandy paths into half-paved paths does not fall under the current system of permits and exemptions. In the near future the municipality will hold discussions with area residents and the Westduinpark management platform to elaborate on this plan and apply for a permit.

You can find more information about Westduinpark on the page Westduinpark en Wapendal.