The Hague urban region (Haaglanden) and the cultural organisations are aiming to work more closely together in the coming years to attract a broader audience, develop talent and increase their visibility. These goals are outlined in the plans for the regional profile submitted to the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science. The minister is looking to reinforce the cultural infrastructure in the regions during the new governing period (2021-2024).


The regional profile for Haaglanden contains 3 ideas offered to the minister as potential experiments. The ministry can choose 1 experiment per region which it will co-finance for a sum of € 100,000 per year for 2019 and 2020.

Cultural anchors

In order to increase cultural participation in the neighbourhoods and reach a broader audience, the Municipality of The Hague is working with so-called cultural anchors. Eight cultural organisations represent the network of cultural anchors in the 8 city districts. Their strength is that they reflect the identity of their city district. In this way they can reach new target groups. The municipalities in the Haaglanden urban region would like to expand this approach to the region on an experimental basis.

Seaside Celebrations

In June 2018 a number of new and existing cultural events were bundled together under the title Seaside Celebrations (Festival aan Zee). The occasion was the 200-year anniversary celebration for Scheveningen as a beach resort. Many activities took place on or at the beach or in the dunes. The entire region would like to use this experiment to further elaborate on the concept of Seaside Celebrations in the coming years. The idea is to show that the focus of the region is on the beach and sea. This should increase the visibility and promotion of the region.

International hub for creative talent

Starting this yearThe Hague and the University of the Arts The Hague have had an agreement to look for partnerships with important events such as the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, Art Rotterdam and Salone del Mobile in Milan. This will help to make The Hague better known and reinforce the climate for creative talent and start-ups. A new experiment will seek a partnership with Delft University of Technology in order to stimulate the climate in the entire region.

More information can be found in Dutch under Regioprofiel regio Den Haag.