A painting expected to fetch between €800 and €1,600 at auction was sold for €570,000 at a Rotterdam auction house on Wednesday, RTV Rijnmond reports.

‘The Adoration of the Shepherds, an unsigned, early 17th century work, may have been taken by dealers for a painting by Italian artist Annibale Carracci whose work is sold for millions,’ auctioneer Arne Bonsaksen of Vendu auction house told the broadcaster.

‘We had our expert take a look at the work and he had it looked at by an expert on Italian art. There is a possibility it could be by Carracci. (..) But I did think: what are we actually selling here?’ the auctioneer said.

The new owner, whose name was not revealed, may have been inspired by art dealer Jan Six who recently discovered what he claims are two unknown works by Rembrandt, one of which he purchased at auction for just €156,000.


Source: dutchnews.nl