Black Friday is the day that officially opens the Christmas shopping season. Stores bring out their special offers and deals, perfect for the pre-Christmas rush! There is a lot of foot traffic and many shoppers come out to take advantage of the great offers in stores. The name ‘Black Friday’ was first used in 1966 by Earl Apfelbaum, a dealer in rare stamps. He said ‘Black Friday’ is the name that the Philadelphia Police Department gave to the Friday following Thanksgiving.

This year, you can truly discover Black Friday in De Passage. The Hague-famous shopping centre has a variation of stores, so whether you are looking for a good cup of coffee or a cosy christmas sweater, you are at the right place. There will be lots of special deals and discounts in The Hague for the whole day (and some special deals before and after), so don’t miss out! If you would like to find out which stores are participating this year, please check De Passage website.