The Municipality of The Hague is appropriating € 3 million in 2019 for making existing school buildings more sustainable. The municipality will make an extra amount available to realise ‘green-blue’ schoolyards. This should contribute to The Hague’s ambitions to become a climate-neutral city and to be prepared for climate change.

Over the last few years dozens of green schoolyards have been built in The Hague thanks to subsidies. A ‘green-blue’ schoolyard is a schoolyard which is partially planted and captures rainwater under the ground. Children see and experience sustainability and can play in a beautiful natural surroundings.

The Municipal Executive is working together with the Delfland Water Authority, Dunea and school boards to better utilise the ‘blue’ potential of schoolyards.

Subsidy for green-blue schoolyard

School boards which use the co-financing option to make an existing school building more sustainable can get a subsidy on the design of a green-blue schoolyard. The municipality is using this subsidy to stimulate school boards making their building energy efficient to at the same time make their schoolyards green-blue.

Green-blue urban design reinforces all the desired effects: reduced heat stress, advances in the water mission, greater biodiversity, enhanced aesthetic quality and improved air quality and health. This trend can also be easily combined with the concepts of urban agriculture by planting berries, fruit trees and nuts in playgrounds.

Photo: M. van der Spek GROEP