The Hague will soon start up small-scale pilot projects with bike-sharing schemes. Three companies have signed agreements with the municipality.

Two of the companies will provide bicycles and the third will rent out electric scooters. The bicycles and scooters will work with a dockless bike hire system (free floating).

Package with conditions

The 3 companies need to meet a number of conditions before they can start. The permit allows each company a maximum of 500 bikes, each service provider will be designated its own area in the city and the project will be evaluated every half year.

The pilot projects are a prelude to more permanent bike-sharing services in the city. The municipality will only allow bike-sharing services in the public space if a company has a permit.

Start of the pilot

The companies taking part in the pilot projects are: Mobike (Beatrixkwartier – centre), GoAbout (Beatrixkwartier) and Felyx (centre – International Zone – Scheveningen). Preparations are already underway and the service is expected to start after the winter.