Dutch officials have approved three different holders to set of fireworks safely, heading of a looming ban on rockets during the New Year firework festivities.

RTL reported on Wednesday that three types of rocket launchers are officially considered to be safe. A few weeks ago it seemed time would run out for the firework trade, with all five systems looked at to date failing the stability test.

Ministers agreed in June that firework sellers will be required to provide their customers with free protective glasses and secure supports for setting off rockets, but decided not to ban the sale of consumer fireworks altogether.

Last year the Dutch safety board OVV said firecrackers and rockets should be banned during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in order to cut back on injuries and damage to property.

Some 500 people end up at accidents and emergency departments with serious injuries during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, making it the most dangerous time of the year in many places, the board said.



Source: dutchnews.nl