No less than 35 percent of those working in the Netherlands considers the annual Christmas / New Year’s drink as a compulsory event. This is shown by a Panelwizard study among 1,196 Dutch workers, commissioned by About four out of ten respondents are annoyed at the excessive alcohol consumption of colleagues during these parties.

Despite the fact that a significant proportion of the workers see the Christmas drink as an obligation, one-fifth of them have been sick or unregistered for this because they did not feel like it. “As an employer, every December I face a number of difficult choices”, says Vince Franke van “I would prefer to organize a big drink every year, but I know from experience that not everyone is waiting for this. That’s why I usually opt for a modest drink in combination with an extensive Christmas package. ”

Prefer not to partner
The research shows that working the Netherlands is not a fan of so-called +1 drinks, with a whopping 53 percent of them the preference is for a Christmas / New Year’s drink without a partner. It is striking that 60 percent of women prefer to drink without an appendix, compared with only 49 percent of men. This does not mean that the Christmas drink is not a good place for romances. For example, eight percent of respondents say they have been intimate with a colleague during the annual Christmas party. Strikingly, men score eleven percent, more than twice as high as women (only five percent). Franke: “At a previous employer I have experienced company parties that really got out of hand, mainly because of alcohol. For several colleagues, in retrospect, it was better that their other half were not present. ”

Thank you
When the drink flows richly, it can sometimes happen that you say or do something that you later regret. The survey shows that eight percent of Dutch people have regretted his or her behavior during the Christmas party. Remarkably, men with eleven percent, during the Christmas party twice as often embarrassed behave as their female colleagues (only five percent). Franke: “The only thing I can say is: look out that you do not drink too much. A wrong comment is made in this way, but you may experience problems for the rest of your career.”

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