HMC Bronovo in The Hague may close. Also closure of HMC Antoniushove in Leidschendam is not excluded. The Haaglanden Medical Center (HMC) is considering closing or drastically removing hospitals. At the end of January the board decides what remains of the HMC branches. The aim is to centralize all care in a few places, according to a statement.

‘The scenarios that we are exploring are based on a 1, 2 or 3 location model’, says HMC in a statement on reporting in the AD, Saturday. Chances are that it will close Bronovo: it has lost several departments to HMC Westeinde in recent years. Antoniushove recently received the new Cancer Center.

The Bronovolaan hospital in the north of The Hague is one of the three HMC locations, alongside HMC Westeinde in The Hague and HMC Antoniushove in Leidschendam. Bronovo was for a long time the permanent hospital for members of the royal family. The departments bear the names of the Oranges. For example, the children’s department is named after King Willem-Alexander.

Bronovo already lost several departments

The HMC has been concentrating tasks for a while and the hospital that became famous for the birth of the princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane was undressed. Westeinde in The Hague remains the most important location, possibly the only one. The midwifery department of Bronovo will soon go to the new Mother-Child Center at Westeinde. Three years ago it was announced that Bronovo was going to collaborate with LUMC Leiden in the University Cancer Center. The Cancer Center received two locations: LUMC Leiden and MCH Antoniushove.

In August, the shortage of ICU nurses led the HMC board to also close Bronovo’s intensive care department as of 1 October. The four intensive care beds of Bronovo had to move to Westeinde. The emergency department of Antoniushove was already closed last year . It was then said that Leidschendammers could go to emergency aid at the then renewed SEH of nearby Bronovo. That is also possible now.

‘Premature’ to say that the hospitals will close

According to a HMC spokeswoman, it is ‘reasonably premature’ to say that Bronovo or Antoniushove close. ‘No decision has yet been taken. We look at all future scenarios in which all options are really present. It is a very broad exploration that we have been carefully designing for some time, in consultation with all parties. In addition, we also have to deal with the government’s requirement that healthcare should be zero percent more expensive, and with the scarcity of specialized health personnel.’


Photo: HMC