More than 60,000 people went into the cold water during the 60th edition of the New Year’s dive. At 132 locations in the Netherlands and 24 locations abroad, dive heroes, with the iconic orange cap on, defied the fresh water. The traditional Unox New Year’s Dive in Scheveningen was again the setting for the biggest dive in the world: 10,000 heroes jumped into the North Sea to start the new year fresh.

The North Sea water was around 7 degrees and the outside temperature was just two degrees higher. The wind, however, provided a sensation temperature of 5 degrees. According to the organization, the event went smoothly, thanks in part to the efforts of hundreds of voluntary lifeguards from the Reddings Brigade.

60th New Year’s Dive
In 1960 Ok van Batenburg organized the first New Year’s dive in the Netherlands. Van Batenburg: ‘It started as a nice fresh start after New Year’s Eve. That always puts you in an unhealthy condition and you have to start the next day in a fresh way. ‘ The dive was a great success and has been repeated every year since then. Van Batenburg’s mother started serving pea soup to the dive heroes and in 1998 Unox took over this honorable task from her. The start of the Unox New Year’s dive.

National Geographic
The New Year’s dive organized by Unox in Scheveningen has become the largest dive in the world over the years. That has not gone unnoticed for National Geographic either. The 60th edition of the traditional Dutch scene is included in the new series Europe from Above.

Pea soup with vegetarian smoked sausage
This year Unox also provides all participants with the iconic orange cap and a bowl of warm pea soup to reheat after the dive. For those who want to start the year with a day without meat, Unox also serves pea soup with vegetarian smoked sausage this year.

Food Bank
The food banks in the Netherlands have been supported for years by Unox. For example, for every participant in the Scheveningen dive one euro is donated to the Association of Dutch Food Banks. This year Unox supported the food bank with 10,000 euros.

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