The New Year is the perfect time to look back on the past year. It was, again, a good repair year for the Repair Café: worldwide the counter stood at the end of 2018, with around 1680 active Repair Cafés worldwide. Who knows, will they reach 2000 in 2019? In any case, they hope that in the coming yearthey will be able to welcome one or more independent Repair Cafés at the neighborhood level in The Hague. On the website you will find links to the Repair Cafés of the Father’s Center (in Laak), Rustenburg-Oostbroek and Wateringse Veld. In addition, in Mariahoeve every last Saturday of the month a Repair Café is held in the building of Middin, Sweden 99. But in their opinion there is still plenty of room for – and need for – new Repair Cafés in a city like The Hague (for comparison: a modest city like Amersfoort has, in addition to Repair Café Amersfoort, another six Repair Cafés at neighborhood level!).

The Repair Cafe continues to visit a different part of The Hague every three weeks. They will start the year 2019 at a trusted and popular address in Segbroek, namely at neighborhood and district association Jasmijn, 2e Braamstraat 6 (NB: the entrance is on the side of the Boksdoornstraat). The cafe will be there on Saturday 12 January between 11.00 and 13.00. They repair everything from vacuum cleaners to Senseo’s and from lamps to kitchen machines. People can also attend for textile repairs.

A repair at the Repair Café is (and remains) free. A voluntary contribution in the tip jar as appreciation for the effort that our volunteers make is appreciated, however: the Cafe can cover costs. People who have a particularly warm heart can become a Friend of Repair Café Den Haag for €25 per year.

More information about the Repair Café of The Hague can be found HERE and HERE