Fonds 1818 is making €1 million available for new projects that increase financial self-sufficiency. Organizations that want to get started can submit a plan until 1 April 2019. In the context of the jubilee program Uit de Rode Nijfers, Fonds 1818 has explored the past year to keep people out of debt and to get them out of debt. Director Sanne ten Bokkel Huinink: “Preventing debt is by far the most important, because it is very difficult to get people out of it again. There are five themes that we think can help solve the problems. Such as improving cooperation between all parties involved and strengthening the volunteer effort. We make an urgent appeal to organizations to come up with new projects. So that together we can increase the financial self-sufficiency of the inhabitants of our region. ”

Fund 1818 made available a sum of € 1 million until the end of 2022 through the Tender Financial Self-reliance. Projects aimed at the following themes can qualify for support:

  • Promote collaboration between organizations, agencies, companies and governments;
  • Low-threshold emergency facilities aimed at relieving acute distress;
  • Early detection and resolution of financial problems;
  • Supporting volunteers who are involved in projects where financial self-reliance is paramount;
  • Providing information and support with a view to improving living conditions.

Priority is given to multi-year plans with a maximum of three years. Costs amount to a minimum of € 50,000 and a maximum of € 200,000 per project. Projects where there is cooperation between different parties, if possible from different municipalities in the area of ​​activity of 1818, are preferred. It also examines to what extent the project adds something in the municipality concerned compared to the current supply / the existing working method.

The first selection of submitted plans will take place before 1 May 2019. The selected applicants are invited to submit a detailed project plan including budget and any cover plan by 1 August 2019 at the latest. Before 1 October 2019, in close consultation with a sounding board group of experts, the selection will be made of applications that are eligible for a donation.