The municipality is aiming to help 500 extra people each year to get off of welfare and find work. It now has drawn up the action plan called ‘Werkoffensief +500’.


Over the next 4 years the municipality will help 500 additional people find a job. This is good for the people themselves and for employers looking to fill job vacancies. In addition fewer people will have to go on welfare. This will benefit the city’s finances.

Werkoffensief +500

In drawing up the Werkoffensief +500 action plan all relevant parties in the city were asked for their input, such as employers and people receiving welfare benefits. In addition educational institutes and partners of the Haagse Ondernemersagenda, the Central Innovation District and Schuldenlab070 were asked their opinion.

The 3 parts of the action plan include:

  1. The municipality would like to personally speak to all 27,000 people with welfare benefits within 2 years. It would like to discover these people’s talents, needs, ambitions and any possible obstacles. Suitable work will be sought for them according to a personal profile.
  2. On the basis of the personal profile, coaching will be offered to better prepare people for work. Candidates will have only 1 contact person during this coaching phase. Once people receiving welfare benefits are ready to work, they will get an online profile in the new platform HalloWerk. The municipality developed this platform together with the municipality of Rotterdam. Employers can use HalloWerk to contact the candidates directly.
  3. The municipality will make arrangements with the employers to place people receiving welfare benefits for a longer period of time. The number of vacancies will further increase in the coming years. Jobs will soon become available, especially in the following sectors: catering and tourism, construction and installation contracting, care, transport and (agri)logistics.




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