Wintery showers with thunder and strong winds are set to hit the Netherlands, bringing heavy rain, sleet and possibly snow to most parts of the country.

But the sleet and hail will be interspersed with sunny spells, weather bureau Weerplaza said on Thursday.

Weerplaza and the KNMI have issued a code yellow weather warning for everywhere apart from Noord and Zuid Holland and Zeeland provinces from 8pm on Thursday evening to 8am on Friday.

Motorists in particular should be aware of slippery conditions on the roads, as the overnight temperature dips below zero, the KNMI said.

The chilly weather will continue over the weekend and into next week, but there will be sunny spells to break up the cloud, weather forecasters say.

There will be mild frosts at night but during the day it will remain just above zero. The KNMI’s long-term forecast states that there is now a 60% chance of continuing freezing temperatures past January 24, but that there is more chance of frost during the day, as well as at night.

Buienrader meteorologist William Huizinga expects outdoor skating will be possible next week. ‘First on outdoor rinks, then on flooded fields and shallow ponds,’ he said.