The Hague is attracting many visitors each year and the local economy profited, according to the most recent tourism monitor. Growth in tourism helped boost employment as well as income for businesses. Tourism also contributes to a high level of facilities which make the city increasingly attractive to residents, visitors and businesses.

Approximately 1 in 10 residents of The Hague owes his or her job (in)directly to the leisure sector. Direct employment in the tourism industry grew by 1,730 jobs in 2017. The growth could be seen mainly in hospitality services, sport and recreation, catering establishments and art.

The total number of people who spent at least 1 night in The Hague grew during the 2013-2017 period by 33%. In 2017 The Hague showed 15% growth against +11% for all of the Netherlands and ahead of Amsterdam (+14%) and Rotterdam (+8%). Preliminary figures from Statistics Netherlands show further growth in 2018.

3 spear points

Over the past years the city has successfully focused on 3 spear points to boost growth in tourism: expanding its selection of internationally competitive festivals and events (including theme years such as Seaside Celebrations and Mondrian), advancing its visibility, and strengthening its image as the city by the sea, city of peace and justice and royal city.

Tourism monitor

Each year the Municipality of The Hague publishes the Monitor Toerisme with figures from the NBTC-NIPO Research bureau and Statistics Netherlands. The monitor provides insight into the trends and developments in the industry.