The Netherlands will be transformed into a white winter wonderland again tomorrow. The KNMI has issued a yellow code for the entire country. That promises snow fun, but also considerable traffic. The NS timetable will be adjusted, fewer trains will run. KLM has already announced that it will cancel at least twenty flights. The ANWB expects a heavy morning rush.

The morning rush will probably be difficult tomorrow. In many places the trains only run every half an hour instead of every quarter of an hour. Twenty percent of the trains fall out, where possible trains that are still running are extended.

In the early morning the first snow falls in Zeeland. Then it will snow from more places in the southwest. By midday the snow line is halfway the country, so that everything between Amsterdam and Enschede is covered by a white layer. Later it is also Groningen and Friesland’s turn.

“The wind rotates during the day and it gets a few degrees softer. This can cause the snowfall to turn into wet snow and rain, but only in the coastal provinces. The snow will remain in the rest of the country”, says Diana Woei of Weerplaza “I expect that there is a lot of snow fun for the youth. There is plenty to make snowballs and a snowman.”

Because although the snowfall is light, comparable to last Tuesday, in the eastern provinces, 8 to even more than 10 centimeters of snow can fall. ,, In Limburg there is a low pressure area and therefore the snow intensity is higher. But also in the east of Brabant quite a lot can fall, “Woei says.

The snow forecast for Wednesday

The snow forecast for Wednesday © Weerplaza

The traffic has to take into account extra travel time. The meteorologist expects that in the morning rush hours, the Rotterdam area will have to deal with congestion due to snowfall and slipperiness. “The evening rush will be inevitable anyway, then the whole of the Netherlands will be covered under a thin layer of snow and there will be talk of slipperiness.”

The KNMI has issued code yellow. It will take effect at 2.00 in the province of Zeeland tonight and then pulls across the country with the snow front. The code is the longest in force in Groningen and Drenthe; until Wednesday night midnight. In the night to Thursday light can fall in the north. Also elsewhere there is still a chance of a snow shower.


Rail passengers must take into account limited train traffic tomorrow. According to the NS, there are fewer trains tomorrow than on a normal working day. About eighty percent of the trains run. These trains are extended where possible. In many places in the Netherlands the trains run every half an hour instead of every quarter of an hour. Where the train runs every ten minutes, that is every fifteen minutes. Where trains normally run every half hour, it stays that way. Despite the adjusted timetable, the winter weather can lead to hindrance for train passengers.

Adapting the timetable creates more room to quickly resolve any problems on the track. In addition, ProRail keeps additional snow and breakdown teams and auxiliary locomotives on hand to quickly resolve any problems. NS is deploying additional staff at stations and in the trains to provide passengers with the best possible service. Despite the adapted timetable and additional measures, train passengers may be bothered by the weather.

Less trains due to winter weather

Less trains due to winter weather © NS


KLM has canceled twenty flights tomorrow morning due to the expected winter weather. KLM advises travelers to keep a close eye on the status of their flight on Wednesday. The airline is constantly monitoring it again. Schiphol also takes the winter weather into account. The airport has equipment and people ready to be deployed to keep the runways clean if, for example, there is a lot of snow.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport also has people standby for the snow plows when needed. Air traffic at the airport had to be temporarily suspended last week because of the snowfall. “We are waiting for tomorrow with the snow. We are currently also in a quiet period so there are not many flights planned”, said a spokeswoman.

Photo: © Caspar Huurdeman