On January 24 a new feature was revealed on the façade of De Passage on Grote Marktstraat. The facade is equipped with a double-sided screen complete with ambient effect. Through this innovative application – at the idea of ​​UNStudio – it is possible to make content visible on a double light-surrounded facade of over 65m2. The diversity of the content, in combination with this futuristic application, offers an extra dimension to the experience of the visitors to the shopping precinct.

The LED screen is the first result of a long-term collaboration between a.s.r. real estate and Ngage Media, and was realized with the cooperation of the municipality of The Hague. The arrival of this large screen enables advertisers to give the visitors of the busiest shopping street in the city center of The Hague an extra impulse right before the moment of purchase.

Mandy van Dijken – Mouthaan, Asset Manager Shopping Centers, a.sr. real estate: “The innovative technology used for the spectacle on the façade enables us to further shape the ideas of architect Bernard Tschumi. The goal is to position De Passage in the city center of The Hague as a style icon. The screen is a wonderful result of years of collaboration between NGage and a.s.r.!”

Stan Thijssen, Managing Partner, Ngage Media: “We are very pleased with this addition to our portfolio. By means of this ambient media layer we illuminate – as it were almost literally – the Passage with respect to the surrounding retail sector. We want a.s.r. real estate and the municipality of The Hague thank you for the confidence in this innovative, non-daily interpretation of the public location.”

The Passage De Passage contains, among other things, the oldest shopping passage in the Netherlands, now a valued UNESCO monument. In a beautiful setting of arcades, glass domes, walkways and decorated facades you will find chic shops, cozy restaurants and a hotel. The new shopping passage was designed by Bernard Tschumi. This architect has designed this spectacular new part of De Passage light and open. Just like the historical part, the Nieuwe Haagse Passage also has a high glass shade. But then now. The beautiful Dutch skies that you see through this are, as it were, projected onto the facades of the shops. The imposing entrance on the Grote Marktstraat also ‘reflects’ the sky and the clouds.