Basalt (formerly Sophia Revalidatie and Rijnlands rehabilitation center) and HagaZiekenhuis are expanding cooperation in the field of rehabilitation medicine. This gives patients from the hospital faster access to Basalt rehabilitation doctors. In the coming years, the collaboration will expand for patients who are eligible for neurological, vascular and oncological rehabilitation.

Basalt focuses on scaling up
For rehabilitation care as a sector, the increase in scale, where Basalt is committed to this new collaboration at the HagaZiekenhuis, is important for strengthening the accessibility of rehabilitation medicine care. This care is crucial for certain patients for a valuable recovery.
Both organizations have made agreements about the outcomes of rehabilitation, the quality of care and the organization of rehabilitation medicine. The result of the collaboration is an increase in the number of rehabilitation doctors in the Haga Hospital and with that a growing focus on the quality of rehabilitation care.

Rehabilitation is an important part of complex care
Rehabilitation before, during and after a treatment in the Haga Hospital is becoming increasingly important as care for patients in complexity continues to increase. Together with the medical specialists at the Haga Hospital, Basalt’s rehabilitation physicians can respond early to the patient’s rehabilitation needs. Immediately after the outpatient or clinical intake, Basalt’s rehabilitation physician is involved in patient care. This makes the recovery better and faster and the patient can return more adequately in society.
Patients eligible for rehabilitation benefit from a team of specialists who work closely together and have the necessary expertise. From diagnosis to treatment path to recovery. In this case from hospital care to rehabilitation in a seamless path for the patient.

Basalt was born on 1 January 2019 as a result of a merger between Sophia Rehabilitation and Rijnlands Rehabilitation Center. With 10 branches in and near the regional hospitals in The Hague, Leiden, Alphen aan den Rijn, Zoetermeer, Leiderdorp, Gouda and Delft Basalt is the largest expertise center for rehabilitation medicine in the Netherlands and in South Holland always close to the patient.

In addition to more than 50 rehabilitation specialists, cardiologists and pulmonologists, Basalt has 1100 employees, including various therapists and nurses. Together they form the specialist teams for, among other things; child, heart, lung, pain, ortho, neuro and oncological rehabilitation. As a center of excellence for excellent rehabilitation medicine Basalt treats around 9000 children, young people and adults annually.

Excellent care is guaranteed through permanent innovation and collaboration with a broad network of rehabilitation care. LUMC, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, its own SmartLab and the internal Leerhuis guarantee scientific support, current research, highly qualified training and innovative tools for the patient at Basalt. In addition to caring for the patient, Basalt also offers accredited training courses for rehabilitation physicians, GZ psychologist, therapist and nurse.

Haga Hospital
The Haga Hospital in The Hague has supra-regional significance for various top clinical and top-level specialization. For example, the hospital has 14 of the 25 WBMV licenses (Special Medical Operations Act). The Haga Hospital has a heart center for cardiology and cardio surgery and has one of the larger emergency rooms in the Netherlands with a trauma function. In addition, the Juliana Children’s Hospital is part of the Haga. It has virtually all specialisms, including the largest Children’s Emergency Department in the Netherlands.

The Haga Hospital has 23 approved medical specialist courses, including 6 A-programs with a total of 110 assistant physicians. In addition, the Haga Hospital offers nursing courses at MBO and HBO level, College Zorg Opleidingen and training to nurse specialists and physician assistants.

Photo caption: Medical director Dr. Karel Rondaij from HagaZiekenhuis (left) and CEO Willem Wiegersma van Basalt (right)