With the introduction of Tapperuse at De Uithof, visitors can pay per minute from this winter season for the time they are at the indoor sports center. De Uithof has opted for the new flexible payment method to enable spontaneous access. With the app pay visitors per minute and only for the time that they are at the center. The Tapperuse app can be downloaded for free in the App and Play store.

With Tapperuse, skaters and skiers can spend a short or spontaneous visit to De Uithof during these winter days. Tapping is ideal for young families, who do not have the time all day or can plan their outings with difficulty. The app responds to the trend that consumers only want to pay for what they buy (pay per use). Visitors never pay more than the daily price. Tapperuse lowers the threshold for visitors who want to tie the skates, even if only for an hour.

Skating fever
Naomi Rietdijk of De Uithof: “Since two weeks ago, when it seemed that it would freeze well, the skating fever has broken out. Unfortunately it did not last long and King Winter is still around the corner this season. Until that time you can taste the winter on our 400-meter ice rink and get used to the ice. Tip for the winter sports enthusiasts: practice your ski or snowboard skills on the snow slope of De Uithof before you go abroad. Maybe one descent is sufficient, but you may want to go down a lot more often. You have that freedom with Tapperuse! Paying per minute is a perfect solution for skating, skiing and snowboard trips.”

Regional locations
Tapping is already possible at multiple locations in South Holland including Sealife, Miniworld, Avifauna and the Louwman museum. Tapperuse offers visitors freedom and convenience. The app makes it easier to try out a new attraction or an evening sauna visit. The current price per minute is visible for each location. The locations can increase or decrease the price per minute based on the crowds.

How Tapperuse works
Tapperuse works on the basis of GPS, which makes the app very user friendly. Visitors tap in when they enter a location and tap out at departure. Payment is made afterwards via AfterPay and the entrance fees are never higher than the maximum daily rate. The transaction costs are € 0.75 per visit and remain the same if several people join an account (maximum 6). A new user can simply register in the app and begin immediately.