On Sunday the 10th of March C3 Den Haag is launching a weekly church service for English-speaking visitors at the Diligentia Theatre. The church has been noticing a growing demand for modern, English-speaking church services in the city centre of The Hague. The new services will start with a festive launch party on the 10th of March, and after the launch, every weekly church service of C3 Den Haag will include both a Dutch and an English talk.

“Most of our English-speaking visitors enjoy being part of a Dutch community”, says Lucas de Vreugd, pastor and founder of C3 Den Haag. “That’s why we’ve chosen not to start a separate English service, but to organize what we’re calling:  One service, Two talks”. During the Dutch talks (C3’s term for sermons) English speakers will have an opportunity to enjoy some coffee. “To us good coffee is an essential part of our weekly church experience”, says De Vreugd jokingly.

C3 Den Haag, part of an international church movement with almost 600 churches worldwide, launched their Dutch meetings in 2013 at the whiskey bar of the Carlton Ambassador Hotel. Currently the church organizes a service every Sunday from 10:30-12:00 at the Diligentia Theatre in the city centre of The Hague. The weekly services attract both Christians and non-Christians. For children from 0 to 11 years old the church organizes a special kids programme.