The atmosphere outside the Cars Jeans stadium was tense, fans knew that this game against Zwolle was important, three had to be taken, or it would see ADO threatened with relegation.

When the teams came out onto the pitch their was an incredible outburst of noise and colour, the fans really there to back their team. Yet ADO opened defensively weak, Zwolle able to pick their way through, if not for a brilliant double save by ADO keeper Robert Zwinkels from close range efforts by Gustavo Hamer and Stanley Elbers after five minutes, ADO could have been in big trouble.

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The game was not a great spectacle, but it had fans biting their nails, The action was end to end but there were not clear threats on either goal. As the clock ticked towards the final seconds of the half. Lex Immers played a perfect long ball out wide right to Giovanni Troupée. He got past the defender, looked up and crossed the ball over from a tight angle, it went over the keeper in right into the far corner, was it meant to be a shot? Or was it a cross? Who cared, it was a valuable goal, 1-0.

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The second half was better from ADO, though visitors were restricted to speculative shots, nothing to really trouble Zwinkels. ADO were edging the possession but couldn’t get that goal to make it more comfortable.

In the eighty first minute things were made easier after Younes Namli clashed with Sheraldo Becker, earning himself a second yellow card and a dismissal. ADO went close, Erik Falkenburg putting the ball just over the bar and Nasser El Khayati tried to lob the keeper from distance, just millimeters over the bar.

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The final whistle was cheered loudly, it was a great result for ADO Den Haag. The players celebrated with the fans, everyone knew how important that result was. 

ADO Team: Zwinkels; Troupée (71. Malone), Beugelsdijk, Kanon, Meijers; Immers, El Khayati, Bakker; Becker, Necid (83. Falkenburg), Goossens (88. Pinas).

ADO’s next game is the BIG one! ADO are at home to Ajax next Sunday, 24th February, kick-off 12:15. You DO NEED a club card for this game.

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