The Hague now has 1,000 charging poles for electric vehicles. The municipality is placing charging poles on city streets to make sure that drivers of electric cars are able to find a charging point quickly and easily.

The city will continue to expand its network of ‘regular’ charging points as well as fast-charging stations. The Municipality of The Hague is promoting electric transportation because it contributes towards improving the air quality.

More electric cars

The number of charging points in The Hague has doubled since 2015 while the number of kilometres driven has more than tripled. Per month about 2,000 people nearly always drive in electric vehicles and about 6,500 people occasionally. Altogether they drove approximately 20 million kilometres in 2018. This resulted in a large reduction in CO2.

The table shows the development in the number of charging poles and clean kilometres over the last few years.

Tabel: oplaadpalen in Den Haag

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