The Hague wants to be the first Dutch city in 2020 to have a fully operational 5G network, as announced by alderman Saskia Bruines. Provider T-Mobile Netherlands is starting this year with the rollout of the fast mobile network.

In addition to higher speeds of the mobile data network, 5G also offers the possibility to simultaneously connect many more devices to a network. For example, a 5G network can be used in many different ways. “These are, for example, applications that improve the accessibility of the city by offering very local traffic and parking information, based on a fast and reliable 5G connection,” says Søren Abildgaard of T-Mobile.

Alderman Bruines expects the arrival of 5G to open the doors for many residents and businesses in The Hague. “This is important for the business climate and employment in the city. By being the first city to be completely 5G, The Hague is leading the way.”

Photo: Bas Bogers