The so-called ‘Loper Oude Centrum’, the route from the Hollands Spoor train station to the old city centre has a new green car-free design.

The sunny side of the Stationsweg now has trees, green hedges, flower boxes, benches and bicycling stands. Trees and climbing plants were also planted on the Wagenstraat and green spaces were created. There is also enough space for house front gardens. An extra green space was made by Huijgenspark with edges which can be used for seating. The small squares on both sides of the Wagenbrug now have green seating islands around the trees.

Welcoming and safe

The renewed ‘Loper Oude Centrum’ provides more space for pedestrians and cyclists. The maximum speed was lowered from 50 kilometres to 30 kilometres per hour. In addition the hanging street lighting was replaced by classical streetlamps. The lighting in Huijgenspark was also improved.

Sayings on the pavement

Along the kerbs of the Stationsweg and Wagenstraat there are now sayings about ‘traveling and staying’ in 34 languages. All of the sayings have been written in the original language and have a Dutch translation next to them. The sayings emphasise the international character of this ‘Loper Oude Centrum’ and the neighbourhood.

Image: Deputy Mayor Richard de Mos officially opened the new walking route