The goal of the gardens around the underground rubbish containers is to discourage residents from placing their waste next to the containers. The first garden was launched on the Regentesselaan in December 2018. There are now gardens in the Escamp, Centrum and Segbroek districts. Neighbourhood residents will take care of the gardens.

The 3 new locations are the corner of the Nijkerklaan/Zuiderparklaan in Escamp, Pletterijstraat in Centrum and Vinkensteynstraat in Segbroek.

Gauging rubbish

The municipality will keep track of the amount of rubbish around the containers until the trial period ends in mid-April. It will gauge whether less rubbish is being placed next to the containers. Afterwards the municipality will examine whether gardens will be placed at other spots in the city. The municipality will not accept any requests for gardens during the trial period.

Real flowers

The Hague is the first city to use real flowers instead of plastic flowers. When choosing the plants consideration is given to when different flowers bloom and how easy they are to care for.