Online supermarket group Picnic, currently embroiled in a dispute about pay, is the fastest growing Dutch firm, according to researchers at Erasmus University’s centre for entrepreneurship.

Picnic, also the youngest company in the ranking, boosted its workforce by 162% between the end of 2015 and end of 2018, creating almost 1,700 new jobs.

Food delivery group Takeaway, which increased its workforce by 88% is second and cosmetics company Rituals, where the workforce increased by 2,880 or 38%, is third.

The ranking is based on growth in employees and turnover.

1 Picnic

2 Takeway

3 Rituals

4 Action (discount retail)

5 Young Capital (jobs)

6 Elastic (software)

7 Coolblue (household appliances and electronics)

8 Calco (IT services)

9 Adyen (payment systems)

10 BasicFit (gyms)