The upgrade and expansion of MECC Maastricht will start in June. The total investment amounts to €49 million. The Province of Limburg and the Municipality of Maastricht both contribute €6.8 million extra to finance the upgrade and expansion of MECC Maastricht and to provide a boost to the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus area development.

The upgrade and expansion will lead to more congresses and a greater spin-off for the city. The annual economic value will increase from an estimated €70 million to €80 million per year for the region. In addition, the image of Maastricht as the capital of Limburg and the image as a congress city are being expanded. Finally, this development provides an impulse for the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus area development. Deputy Eric Geurts (Tourism & Urban Development) explains: “For tourism in Limburg, the development of MECC Maastricht is very important. After the upgrade and expansion, MECC Maastricht becomes even more attractive as an international exhibition and conference center. In recent years we have been working with The municipality and various partners invested heavily in urban development and the accessibility of the city, which is also very important as tourism is one of the pillars of our economy. ”

The costs of making MECC Maastricht future-proof were estimated at more than €35 million. After a European tender, the winning bid turned out to be more expensive than the budget made available for this. The reason for this is the currently overhauled construction market, a risk that has also been recognized earlier in the process. Reason for the Province and the municipality of Maastricht to invest more than €6.8 million in addition to the amount already made available. Also to prevent the intervention from being delayed. According to Deputy Joost van den Akker, the investment will eventually pay for itself. “The (area) development of the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus has been very energetic for more than five years. With the renovation of the MECC, the area is once again given an extra impulse, so that we not only get a more attractive convention center, but also the entire Brightlands concept of the area gets a substantial added value,” says Van den Akker.

Alderman John Aarts of Maastricht is happy that the renovation can start. “We are grateful to the province that they are co-financing. This proves the importance of MECC Maastricht for our city and for Limburg. Certainly since we, as the municipality of Maastricht, have the congress center in their own hands again, we see that the congress center is firmly building the future. This upgrade and renovation fits in with that. MECC Maastricht thus becomes an even stronger player on the congress market. Obviously very important for the economy of our city.” The upgrading and expansion of MECC Maastricht has been awarded to Mertens Bouwbedrijf BV from Weert.

“Maastricht is known for its international allure and has been high on the wish list of many international conference organizers for many years. Thanks to the upgrade and expansion of MECC Maastricht, from 2021 onwards we, as the city of Maastricht and MECC Maastricht, can provide even better service to organizers of multi-day international conferences for up to 5,000 people, where we can now receive a maximum of 3,000 people simultaneously. With that, we will take on an (even) greater role in the international congress world,” says Rob van de Wiel, Managing Director MECC Maastricht.

MECC Maastricht is part of the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, where even more substantial investments will be made in the coming years. For example, MUMC + will realize a new building opposite MECC Maastricht, Mosae Vita. The public space on the campus will also receive a quality improvement, offering more space to cyclists and walkers in a park-like environment.