ADO Den Haag have released a statement after a hand grenade was found taped to a building used by supporters. An employee found the explosive device by the building entrance with graffiti on Tuesday morning. The area surrounding the Cars Jeans Stadium was evacuated and the EOD (Bomb Disposal Unit) were called in to control the situation, make the premises safe and take the object for further investigation.

ADO Den Haag’s General Director Mattijs Manders responded to the incident [translated]: “Initially, I was shocked by the incident, but this has since been replaced by anger and incomprehension. It is, of course, unacceptable and repulsive that such an action has been carried out. Every day dozens of pedestrians and cyclists pass our supporters home, including school children and workers. If you realise what could have happened here, you will get cold shivers. That is beyond all awareness and beyond all norms. There could have been injuries here, or worse.”

The police are taking the matter seriously and have already started an investigation. Manders: “That investigation cannot go fast enough for me. This has nothing to do with football. I hope the police will catch the perpetrators quickly. I am not going to speculate about who can be held responsible for this. That is pointless at the moment and I’d rather leave it to the experts. I just want to express my aversion and indignation at this event. I condemn all forms of violence and believe that another border has now been crossed. This really should not happen.”