The municipality would like to give every resident of The Hague the chance to learn Dutch. It is offering the free SamenHaags programme. You or somebody you know in the neighbourhood can sign up to take part in Rustenburg-Oostbroek, in the Escampade neighbourhood centre.

SamenHaags is a programme for residents who have difficulty with Dutch. Participation in SamenHaags lasts until December 2019 and is free. Participants get Dutch lessons and a one-day internship and are assigned a ‘Haagse makker’. This person is a volunteer who will show him how things work in the city. This way participants practice the language, do fun things and learn the way things are done in the Netherlands. Participants will receive a certificate upon successfully completing the course.

Taking part in SamenHaags

SamenHaags has locations in the Centrum (Schilderswijk), Escamp (Moerwijk and Rustenburg-Oostbroek) and Laak (Spoorwijk) districts. Do you know somebody who would like to learn Dutch? Help him or her register at SamenHaags.

More information

Would you like to learn more about the programme or would you like to work as a volunteer? Look for more information under SamenHaags: integration programme for internationals in The Hague.