The Kijkduin-Houtrust route will reopen on Friday, 19 April 2019. The roadworks on the Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan, Sportlaan and Segbroeklaan are finished a week earlier than planned.

All of the traffic measures and diversions implemented during the project will end as of 19 April. Small-scale work will still be carried out until the end of May 2019. The work will not affect traffic or people living in the area.

Official opening

Deputy Mayor Robert van Asten will reopen the route at 16.00 hrs. on Friday, 19 April at the intersection of the Muurbloemweg and Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan.

Temporary traffic situation lifted

The temporary traffic situation will be lifted on the Laan van Poot, Doctor van Welylaan and Zonnebloemstraat during the evening of 19 April 2019. The roads will then return to their former status as 1-way or 2-way streets as before the project began.

Regular bus route

As of Sunday morning, 21 April 2019 Bus 23 and Bus 24 will resume their regular routes on the Sportlaan. Until 21 April the buses will continue making use of the temporary stops and route which were implemented during the Kijkduin-Houtrust roadworks.

Small-scale work until end of May

The last touches to the route will be done until the end of May 2019, such as paving work and finalising the green sections.

The municipality will also restore the speed bumps in the Daal en Bergselaan. During this project the Daal en Bergselaan will be closed for a short time in the week after Easter. Traffic signs will inform motorists about this road closing.

Work will start at the beginning of May 2019 to restore the speed bumps in the Ranonkelstraat. The temporary bus stops will be removed, the measures allowing cars to park on the sidewalk will be eliminated and the construction depots will be cleared away.

Work on Goudenregenstraat cycle path postponed

The new design for the Kijkduin-Houtrust route includes widening the cycle path in the Goudenregenstraat in the section just before the intersection with the Segbroeklaan. Because the road was busy here the last few months, the project to widen the cycle path has been postponed until later this year.