Under new plans for the city’s International Zone, the area will become larger but it will continue to remain attractive.

The growth in the number of international organisations in The Hague is generating economic spin-off. A larger number of organisations is expected to lead to 4,000 new jobs in The Hague, according to the new draft spatial strategy for the International Zone.

The Municipal Executive would like to plant more greenery and create more outdoor space as part of the security measures in the area. There are possibilities for new building developments around the Peace Palace, World Forum and the Frederikkazerne (barracks). The municipality is also planning to invest in faster transport links and new routes for walkers, cyclists and motorists.

Impact on local economy

The Hague is the international city of peace and justice. The International Zone is important to the local economy. New organisations would like to locate there and existing organisations are expanding. Over the past year 60 new international organisations moved to The Hague. The Municipality of The Hague examined how it can facilitate the growth of these international organisations while preserving the charm of the stately neighbourhoods and the area’s parks and forests.

The municipality also looked at what is needed for the area’s residents, such as additional homes, public transport, green and facilities. The area encompasses a large part of the city: from Benoordenhout to the Gemeentemuseum.

In consultation with the neighbourhood

In preparing the draft spatial strategy, the Municipality of The Hague organised meetings with interested parties in the neighbourhood. There was also a temporary website where people could vote on different standpoints. A number of points raised at these meetings were incorporated into the draft spatial strategy for the International Zone such as a ban on high rise buildings at certain spots, preserving the historic character of the neighbourhood and parks and forests and investing in the quality of the area.

The draft spatial strategy can be viewed at the Centrum and Scheveningen district offices from 23 April to 2 June 2019. Interested parties will have the opportunity to provide their remarks. The spatial strategy will then be finalised after this period.

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