A unique escape room about and against food waste

Finding a solution against food waste is not that easy. In this “Rescue Room” the goal is not to escape yourself but to save as much food as possible by solving puzzles and riddles around the theme of food waste. On Friday 3 and Saturday 4 May the Rescue Room can be played in the restaurant of Instock in The Hague.

Working together on a solution against food waste

More than a third of our food is wasted worldwide. Fruit and vegetables make up a large part of this waste. Almost half of these healthy and delicious products do not even make it to our plate. The impact of this waste on the environment is considerable. Because this also means that the raw materials used to produce that food are wasted. The Rescue Room has been developed to draw attention to this enormous waste and to show that we can come to a solution together.

The Rescue Room

Kromkommer, Instock and Too Good To Go are all three social enterprises that tackle food waste. They each do this at a different location in the food chain, varying from farmer to plate. The three companies believe in the power of working together in the chain to solve waste. They have joined forces to reach as many people as possible with the Rescue Room. The aim of this game is not to escape yourself, but mainly to let as much food as possible escape a future in the garbage can; the rescue is on!

Unique in the Netherlands

It is the first time that an escape room has been developed in the Netherlands focused on food waste. With the Together Against Food Waste, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality ensures that the Rescue Room itself also has a sustainable future. Toine Timmermans, Director of Samen Tegen Etensppilling: “In cooperation between the initiators and Samen Tegen Etensppilling, the Rescue Room will be used more often in the coming years to inspire more people and to motivate them to waste free behavior”

How much food do you save in 20 minutes?

In the Rescue Room you will be challenged to save as much food as possible within 20 minutes by solving puzzles and riddles. The better you do that, the more vegetables you save. The person with the highest score can proudly call himself the winner. But because every player makes a positive contribution, everyone is rewarded afterwards with a cool netbag full of rescued vegetables from grower Martin Topper and Instock.

Where and when?

The Rescue Room started on 29 and 30 April at the Instock Restaurant in Utrecht. The Rescue Room can be played at Instock Amsterdam on 1 and 2 May and in The Hague on 3 and 4 May. A ticket costs €12 and you can buy it online (click here) or via the Too Good To Go app.

Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 May from 5 pm to 10 pm
Instock Amsterdam, Czaar Peterstraat 21
Friday May 3 from 5 pm to 10 pm and Saturday May 4 from noon to 5 pm
Instock The Hague, Buitenhof 36