The  VVD political party in The Hague has asked the gemeente to consider exploring  the possibilities of establishing  British university campus  in the city.  The Brexit situation is causing a lot of confusion for  European students.

The VVD is concerned that  students  might not be able to study as  easily at a British university and increases in  tuition fees. Researchers at both Dutch and British universities are also concerned that research will not come under pressure.

“For the academic world, it is very important that scientific information can be exchanged at international level,” says VVD councilor Chris van der Helm. “That is why it is desirable for our students to be able to gain affordable access to British universities after the Brexit and that British students can continue to visit our universities.”

The  VVD  cited   Cambridge and Oxford as possible examples for entering into cooperation. ‘As an international city of peace and justice, The Hague can become an excellent European student hub. Certainly in the field of law, international relations and public administration, ‘says Van der Helm. ‘Large international organizations are established in The Hague that offer opportunities for European students to, for example, conduct research and gain work experience. The business climate is therefore ideal for British universities. This is really an opportunity that we should not miss. ”