This week emergency repairs were made by an electricity company at the intersection between the Korte Voorhout and Koningskade. Part of the asphalt had to be removed for this. The road will be repaved from 6 to 8 May. Then 1 of the 2 lanes of the Korte Voorhout in the direction of the Koningskade-Zuid Hollandlaan will temporarily be closed.

The Korte Voorhout will be closed from 06:00 on Monday, 6 May to 16:00 on Wednesday, 8 May.


As of Monday, 6 May paving work will begin in the Koningstunnel as well as the entrances and exits. This work was already planned and will last until Friday, 10 May. The paving work in the Koningskade will be carried out together with the work in the Koningstunnel. This will prevent a situation in which the area gets different surfaces and the road will not have to be closed another time.