The Fast & Vegan lunchroom opened its doors on 27 April on Piet Heinstraat in the trendy Zeeheldenkwartier. This is the first lunchroom where you can eat and drink 100% vegan. No exceptions are made, even for the milk in the coffee.

Fast & Vegan serves breakfast and lunch and provides catering for (business) lunches, parties and meetings. Everything on the menu is completely plant-based and uses many organic and local products.

At the helm
Owners Jurriaan de Bruijn and Alexandra Stevens both came to this project after a change in career. He worked as a youth care worker, she as a lawyer. The need to do something new was bubbling for a while. Now they are embarking together on this new adventure, just around the corner from where they live with their four children.

Stevens said “With fast, simple dishes, we want to show that vegan food is not only healthy, animal-friendly and better for the environment, but also very tasty! We serve delicious vegan sandwiches, croquettes, smoothies and home-baked cakes. ”

Vegan revolution
Veganism is trending so of course it is reflected in the hospitality industry. Over the last few years you can see more and more vegan dishes on every menu. Jurriaan de Bruijn said “The way we eat is changing rapidly. More and more people are consciously choosing to eat less meat or not to use animal products at all. A kind of vega revolution is underway and we are very happy with that!”