The 21 selected initiatives to make Duinoord more beautiful, social and green are known. Tomorrow every resident of the Duinoord district will receive a personal voting code. This allows them to participate in decisions about the spending of €30,000 on plans for the neighbourhood. The plans are subdivided into three theme categories: “Sport, play and meet”, “Street scene” and “Green and sustainability”. Among other things, initiatives have been submitted to provide verges and parks with perennial flower seeds, with the aim of providing the bees with sufficient food.

There are also plans for a neighbourhood party on the initiative of all students from Duinoord and the creation of a Tiny Forest on the schoolyard of practice school De Poort. In addition, an initiative has been submitted to discover more about the history of Duinoord with tile facts. You can vote until 10 June 2019 on the Duinoord Begroot website. For the full list of selected initiatives and more information about Duinoord Begroot, see:

Duinoord Budgeted
All residents from Duinoord together estimate which initiatives are being implemented. This is done by distributing the amount of €30,000 over one or more plans of your choice. You can vote online with the personal voting code. On Monday 3 June from 5 pm to 8 pm and Wednesday 5 June from 9 am to 12 pm it is also possible to vote physically. At the Duinoord Residents Consultation Meeting Center (Sweelinckplein 42), employees of the Scheveningen district are present to help with voting.

Results on  June 15
The plans with the most votes, which together fit within the €30,000 budget, are being implemented. On Saturday 15 June at 10 a.m., at the Sweelinckplein while chansons from “Tess et les Moutons” will be announced what their plans are. This is also the opening of Open Ateliers Duinoord. The initiators then go to work together with the municipality to implement the winning ideas.


Photo: Arnaud Roelofz