The Hague city council is seriously looking into the possibility of organising the Eurovision Song Contest in the city. Alderman Richard de Mos spoke of the city’s ambition on Twitter after Duncan Laurence won with 492 points on Saturday evening.

There are two locations in the city where Eurovision could be held; the World Forum and the ADO Stadium. The stadium is in need of renovation to handle such an event. Among various needs, a roof  must be built. The costs for this are included in the Alderman’s plan. “We have to accommodate around 15,000 people, who we can definitely fit into the stadium,” says Councilor Ralf Sluijs van Hart for The Hague / Groep de Mos.

The council member would also like to link the song contest to other celebrations in The Hague next year. “It is 40 years since Eurovision was in the Netherlands and it coincides with the celebration of 75 freedom since the Second World War. How nice would it be to celebrate all that in The Hague, the city of peace and justice?”


Photo by: Thomas Hanses