The municipality will work to limit noise disturbance from road traffic at ‘hotspot’ locations in Scheveningen and around Clingendael over the coming months. The Municipality of The Hague gets many reports on this form of nuisance when the weather is good on the Strandweg in Scheveningen and honking car horns by wedding parties in Clingendael Park.

The municipality is handing out big fines to motorists who cause noise unnecessarily. This includes playing loud music in the car with the windows open, constantly driving around, revving the engine needlessly and accelerating harshly. The fines range between € 260 and € 380. For honking a car horn and using the warning lights unreasonably the fines range between € 35 and € 95.

Loud music and honking horns

In Scheveningen this nuisance is caused mainly by mopeds and motorcycles racing around. Cars cranking up the loud music are also disturbing the peace. The disturbance is greatest during beach days, often later in the day and in the evening, especially now that it stays light longer.

As of 1 January 2019 the Special Enforcement Officers (‘Buitengewoon opsporingsambtenaren/BOAs’) have been empowered to stop unnecessary honking and noise by cars.

Enforcement actions

The municipality and police are taking the problem seriously. They will conduct a number of unannounced enforcement actions the coming months at hotspot locations in Scheveningen and Clingendael.